Cog Recliner

For an open-ended sculpture assignment, I experimented with wooden cogs. I made a small test model to evaluate the feasibility of incorporating such a feature into a larger project. Templates for the cogs were created in Adobe Illustrator, and they were cut using a band saw. The resulting mechanism worked well and I enjoyed the musical sound made by the meshing cogs.

Around the same time that I began my experimentation, a friend from Rhode Island School of Design showed me several useful methods for furniture prototyping. Most notable was the use of thin wooden slats to create curved surfaces for the seat and back of the chair. Combining my newfound interest in wooden cogs and basic furniture prototyping techniques resulted in the “Cog Recliner.”

Dimensions:  30” x 20” x 51”

Materials:  white ash, reclaimed plywood, wooden slats, wooden dowels

Date:  Fall 2010