The transition from high school to college is a strange and exciting time in a person’s life. Everything familiar is stripped away and you can find yourself suspended in a foreign environment with an opportunity to start afresh. This installation represents that transitional period when new college students have been uprooted and are looking to reestablish their identity.

One of the ways I decided to reestablish my identity as an undergrad was by exploring visual art. I enjoy creating three-dimensional objects inspired by organic forms found in nature. The sculptures that comprise this installation are loosely based on the delicate structures of tropical coral reefs and succulent desert cacti.

Moving from Hawaii to the East Coast initially proved to be a challenging transition. I was surprised to encounter students who had grown up in places far more culturally removed than the 50th state. Students from all over the world are extracted from their native habitat and deposited in foreign institutions all in the pursuit of higher education. As might be expected, we learn as much from each other as we do from our textbooks.

Dimensions of individual pieces (12 total):  18” - 42” x 24” – 48”

Materials:  wire mesh, braided wire, plaster, dirt

Date:  Spring 2012