Vase Box

During my time in New York I resumed my explorations in handblown glass. I made a number of basic vases as gifts for family and friends and saw an opportunity to design a box specifically for these pieces. Using the packaging design skills I acquired working at Mattel, I designed a box for the purposes of transportation and display.

I like to imagine someone receiving one of these boxes wrapped in gift wrap and trying to guess at its contents. They give the box a gentle shake, but the enclosed object doesn't budge. They carefully peel back the paper to expose one of the windows. What is it? It's glass, it's shiny, and it's colorful, but its full form isn't revealed until the user pulls the vessel out of the box and removes the inserts. In the process they discover the precise and deliberate design of the box, and finally the handblown vase within.

Dimensions:  5" x 7"

Materials:  corrugated cardboard

Date:  Fall 2016


I designed this blister card for Thomas & Friends during my internship at Mattel.

Dimensions:  8" x 4"

Materials:  thermoformed plastic and chipboard

Date:  Fall 2016