Thangka Surfboard

I hand shaped this surfboard out of a polyurethane foam blank for a friend’s Kickstarter project. The project, titled “1000 Hands of the Guru,” is a film that seeks to bring awareness to the dying art of thangka restoration. A thangka is a traditional Tibetan Buddhist painting that depicts a Buddhist deity, scene or mandala. My friend wanted a classic shape that would travel easily and serve as an appropriate canvas for a traditional Buddhist painting. After considering several templates we settled on a twin fin fish, a shape considered by many surfers to be truly timeless.

After shaping the foam blank, I had it glassed in opaque white by a local glasser. The board then traveled to Bhutan where it was painted by Buddhist Monks involved with the “1000 Hands of the Guru” project. It was then sold on Kickstarter to raise funds for the film.

Dimensions:  5’ 8”

Materials:  polyurethane foam, polyester resin, lettering enamel

Date:  Spring 2015